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Planning does not get better by chance it get’s better on the ability to adapt and implement those changes.Project planning is an aspect of construction that require years of experience in construction,keep a project running in budget, handle problems ,creating a plan that fits the need of client.Construction requires expert consulting service .From scientific to managerial role,from technical to cordinating , planning requires specialization , administrative expertise ,development skills

Humanne Homes is your one stop solution for all your Industrial,Commercial,Enterprise and Residential constructions. A well-constituted team comprising of competent engineers and professionals who provide contemporary solution to conventional as well as unconventional problems Our consultant engineers analyze client requirements to create custom solutions and also helping clients meet their goals. We are your construction partner, choose with confidence.

Our Consulting Services deliver best business solution offerings to help your business transform with certainty and produce tangible benefits.We have unmatched industry expertise, dedicated and committed to confidently implement optimum solutions to client unique organizational requirements.Our team of experienced professionals strive for a common goal of achieving excellence and beyond.

Our professionals have spent decades of engineering and construction experience and apply this knowledge to the everyday challenges that owners, contractors, engineers, and architects face throughout the construction process. Depending on your specific project needs and requirements we provides the following construction consulting services:

  • Construction management
  • Planning management
  • Cost cutting
  • Design
  • Legal


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History of construction is truly remarkable.From neolithic architecture to modern day buildings,from mud houses to high rise buildings , the tools and methods have evolved drastically.Archaeological records and surveys provide us with glimpse of structure that were built thousands of years ago.Structures like Machu Picchu,Great Pyramids of Giza are in themselves uncanny and outstanding piece of craftsmen and engineering.What were once made to suit the basic needs of protection and fortification have turned into exquisite and intricate structures.With the dawn of scientific construction techniques ,improved material and artistic designs the world is witnessing some distinctive and awe inspiring structures.

Today Construction is more than just erecting a building it’s a fusion of design and planning ,procedure and methods,delivering quality and equipping to the changing requirements .Understanding the scope and cost estimates of planning and construction requires engineering skills ,management and interdisciplinary approach.Current trend is to promote sustainable construction methods that appreciate and blends architectural tradition and innovation, apart from that interaction of skilled workforce,engineers and a qualified advice is a must .Nowadays ,work specification requires exact method and material to synthesis into a sturdy and aesthetic design. Melding the perfection of a skilled craftsman and technological advancement,construction has come a long way redefining the future of design and complex structures.

Analysts predict 2016 will be a strong year for the industry, as Dodge Data & Analytics’ 2016 Construction Outlook report projected 6% growth, with the value of construction starts reaching an estimated $712 billion.In the residential sector, green building currently accounts for 26-33% of the total residential market.

At Humanne Homes we strive for world class infrastructure construction, buildings that reflect your taste and personality.We have the world’s finest team of skilled workforce,Superior innovative techniques,unbeaten attitude,and an aspiration to become world’s top construction giant.We endeavour to create not just a mundane building but a structure that is flexible ,sturdy ,tough as well congenial and environmentally sustainable .


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The first thing you notice, is the look and appeal of your home. Designs and materials differ widely , depending upon the usage, and from project to project basis.

Renovation can be for improving current lifestyle, or increasing your property value it can also help you reduce maintenance and utility costs in future.

As years go by the design trends change and so does your house appeal should too; renovations can help you solve this problem with ease and at an affordable rate.

We provide unmatched renovation solutions, remodelling , maintenance and repair to utmost satisfaction. Our superior quality material, ace team of skilled workers, innovative solution and top home improvement experts makes us an exception in field of renovations. We provide solution from residential to commercial buildings. We offer exceptional service at your door.

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The LSF frame is assembled from cold formed galvanized steel profiles. In the gaps between the elements of the frame heat insulation material is placed and the frame is supplied with surface layers made of various materials, forming a layered structure.

Steel is widely used in the construction of multi-storey buildings. However, steel construction is seldom used and is traditionally considered uneconomical for landed properties. In many parts of the world, timber, structural brickwork and reinforced concrete construction is usually preferred for landed properties.

Over the years, various improved systems have been developed for use in landed properties. An economical light gauge steel frame system is increasingly being used in America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. This light gauge steel frame is developed through a cold-formed process without the use of heat. This process enables steel manufacturers to produce light-weight but high tensile steel sheets. The sheet surface is coated with a zinc alloy that completely covers the steel surface and seals it from the corrosive action of its environment. This results in buildings that are more solid, rigid, stronger, durable and easier to build.


– The light construction LGSF frame is assembled from cold formed galvanized steel profiles. In the gaps between the elements of the frame heat insulation material is placed and the frame is supplied with surface layers made of various materials, forming a layered structure.

– Generally, the elements of the frame structure are constructed of C profiles with a dry, assembly style building technology. Numerous steel fasteners, stiffeners and other complementary profiles are connected to the basic elements of the structure.

– The applied materials filling the gaps between the elements of the frame not only perform heat insulation, but also meet acoustical requirements and they are an efficient fire protection tool.

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